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They say pagans think in images but they actually mean: pagans think in dreams. The bulbous fuzz of my legs and the over-blue of the sky. I don’t want an image for this. I need the texture of a dream.

From Postcard Paintings, Molly O’Leary

A 32-page booklet of writing about art, Risograph printed by Sunday’s Print Service in an edition of 100.

The Authors are:

Alex Bottomley, Misa Brzezicki, Donald Butler, Rachel Harris-Huffman, Enxhi Mandija, Jen Martin, Lucie Mclaughlin, Caitlin Merrett King, Siuán Ní Dhochartaigh, Sara O’Brien, Molly O’Leary, Clara Raillard, Ben Redhead, Megan Rudden, Rodrigo Vaiapraia, Morgan Williams.

Funded by GSASA.